About Us

What is Riga High Tech in short:

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Riga High Technology University will be established to advance knowledge and nurture technically grounded leaders and innovators to serve national and global needs.

This will be accomplished, with a focus on engineering, design and entrepreneurship through an integrated multi-disciplinary research.

Riga High Tech is managed and developed by Riga High Tech University nonprofit foundation www.rigahightech.org


Riga High Technology University is a visionary educational establishment whose mission is to assemble, educate, and inspire a new generation of technologically minded leaders and innovators who strive to understand, develop, and deploy academic knowledge to address technology challenges.


Riga High Technology University will provide something different from the traditional “Brick and mortar” academic educational institutions – very high quality accredited professional ‘campus style’ higher education mixed with leading online education courses, research and entrepreneurship.

It will effectively teach students to be creative, not just in the technology and the design part, but create and bring innovative ideas out of the academic research environment into the real business world and create added value for national and global economies.

Business model

To deliver highest level technology education in most effective way combining traditional campus with emerging online education.

To create mix from national traditional legacy (post-soviet) technological education system with North-America leading tech universities and emerging online educational courses (MOOC). To integrate with emerging MOOC platforms – Udacity, Coursera and edX.

To seek to establish collaboration with leading North-America tech universities – MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Singularity etc.

Unique Value Proposition

New type of university with academically accredited online courses from leading North-American universities in combination with geographic location of research labs on crossroads between East, West and Nordic.