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ACCELERATUM is pro-active seed accelerator and venture capital fund for early stage tech startups mostly from universities born projects and teams.

What is Acceleratum

  • European Seed accelerator operated by Riga High Tech University Foundation;
  • Acceleration and mentorship program to create global tech startups from universities born projects and teams;
  • Educational programs in partnering academic universities and team building events;
  • Place for companies funded by Acceleratum Venture Capital Fund;
  • Office space for portfolio companies in Riga, Latvia and Silicon Valley, California;
  • Research & teaching center and hardware labs for portfolio teams;
  • Technology & Entrepreneurship coworking and event place;
  • Launching platform for Europe born companies to Silicon Valley.

What is Acceleratum Venture Capital:

  • Venture capital fund for Early Stage Technology Startups, based in Riga, Latvia, Europe;
  • Venture capital fund managed by Universities Ventures firm;
  • Combined team of experienced venture capitalists and industry professionals;
  • Network of industry contacts in Silicon Valley for development, strategic partnership and exits;
  • Bridge between Silicon Valley and Northern Europe;
  • Funding source for Acceleratum companies;
  • Funding vehicle for universities born startups.

We Believe:

  • Technologies, entrepreneurial spirit and disruptive services are progress drivers;
  • Companies in Europe have the same opportunity to become next Facebooks and Twitter as those based in Silicon Valley;
  • Universities campuses are right place for team building;
  • Close collaboration between teams and resource sharing are most effective way to succeed;
  • Products and services born in Europe can be competitive and disruptive worldwide.

More information @ legacy webpage here: http://accelerator.rhtu.edu.lv/