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Venture Capital Fund: Acceleratum;

Target fund size: EUR 10 -15 million;

Expected closing date: 2016;

Team and Mentors: Learn more about team behind Acceleratum;

Limited Partners: Institutional, private Limited Partners;

Academic Partners: Leading Universities from Latvia, Baltics and Nordic regions;

Investment stages: Pre-seed, seed, startup;

Geographical focus: Perspective teams from Latvia, Baltics, Nordics, Europe;

Deal flow focus: Primarily invest in Universities and coworking /meetup community teams;

Sector focus: UI/UX design, Drones, Automotive, 3D Printing, Biotechnologies, Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies, Computer vision and machine learning;

Key selection criteria:

  • excellent team and chemistry with the founders;
  • ambitious and understandable business idea, product or service;
  • company is in the industry of growth tech sector;
  • company provides services or creates product which solves practical and real problem;
  • product or service’s innovative nature;
  • identifiable global market expansion prospects.

Investment size and process:

  • 0 stage Training and team-building. “Acceleratum 50” and ”Acceleratum 120” tech startup educational programs in universities. Graduation – teams ready to qualify for acceleration program.
  • 1 [pre-acceleration] stage [2 batches per year]. 3 month Acceleration Program. Investment 30 kEUR (8% equity). Graduation – “Demo Day Riga”.
  • 2 [acceleration] stage 9 month Acceleration Program. Investment up to 70 kEUR (convertible loan) Graduation – “Demo Day Silicon Valley”.
  • 3 [seed] stage Investment up to 250 kEUR.
  • 4 [startup] stage Investment up to 500 kEUR alongside other investors.

Expected number of investments: 80 (20 anually)

Expected investment holding period: 5 to 8 years;

Screening and execution: Deal screening performed primarily in student workgroups in partner universities, Riga High Tech University (RHTU) research centers and labs, RHTU startup community pitch events and meetup groups;

Exit routes: Sale to strategic buyer (trade sale), Sale to secondary (next development phase) investor (secondary market sales), Sale to management team (Management buy-out);

Monitoring & value creation: Smart money, active hands-on through Acceleratum Accelerator, faculty and research professors;

Role in financing rounds: Sole or Lead investor;

Ownership: The Fund will invest minority or majority equity shares in the capital;