Course RT102

Parallel programming

Syllabus, based on Udacity’s MOOC:

Lesson 1: Introduction and the GPU Programming Model

Project 1: Converting Photos from Color to Greyscale (for that classy touch!)

Lesson 2: GPU Hardware and Parallel Communication Patterns

Project 2: Gaussian filter for smooth blur (miracle product for removing wrinkles!)

Lesson 3: Fundamental Parallel Algorithms (Reduce, Scan, Histogram)

Project 3: HDR Tonemapping (because your TV doesn’t really have a 10,000:1 contrast ratio)

Lesson 4: Fundamental Parallel Algorithms (Applications of Sort and Scan)

Project 4: Red Eye Removal using Template Matching (soothing relief for those bright red eyes)

Lesson 5: Optimizing GPU Programs

Project 5: Accelerating Histograms (when fast isn’t fast enough)

Lesson 6: Parallel Computing Patterns

Project 6: Seamless Image Compositing using Poisson Blending (or, who put the polar bear in the swimming pool?)

Lesson 7: The Frontiers and Future of GPU Computing