University Preparation Courses

Provides an alternative entry pathway to RHTU undergraduate program. It prepares you for university level study by teaching the required skills for academic success with an emphasis on math, programming and English. The UPC is designed for high school leavers, recent graduates and mature age applicants. On successful completion of the UPC, you will be eligible for entry to RHTU or wide range of universities’ undergraduate programs – dependent on prerequisites, minimum requirements and available places.

Admission requirements

• Basic English knowledge;
• High school education

Admission requirements. Intermediate language skills in English Placement Test (EPT) (Developed by University of Michigan);
Group. Max 20 participants.
Learning. Twice a week, evenings, >90 min . Total 100 academic hours;
Test. TOEFL iBT (internet-based);
Graduation. Upon successful completion of UPC, certificate of completion is issued. iBT grades are widely used, so in case to fail on RHTU enrollment, test results could be submitted on any other university.
Expectations. To obtain at least 80 (Bachelor) or 89(Master) iBT score.